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Written by Liang Chen   

WebGRE is a very popular GRE vocabulary book, which contain 8400+ words with detailed Chinese explanations and Webster Collegiate explanations.

+The Beginning

This book is made based on the "I Don't Like Exams" (我不喜欢考试) wiki. All the 8400+ GRE vocabulary's Chinese explanation have been added to wiki at 2006-06-18. All the explanations were added by my first version Robot ( a computer program I wrote) automatically. During the next 72 hours, my Robot2 got the Webster explanations and sent them to wiki. Just on that day, the page views of that wiki hit the record, more than 100 visitors viewed 750+ pages.


+First Off-line Version

On 2006-06-24, the first off-line version of WebGRE was published into public internet. Its format is PDB (isilo, a very popular E-book software on multi-OSs), and the total 8400 pages were successfully compressed into one 4.5MB file. On the its first day, more than one thousand copies were downloaded.

+First PDF Version

The WebGRE met its first heyday when the PDF version was published. On 26-Aug-2006, after more than 10 hours' conversion, I published the first PDF version of WebGRE simultaneously on, GTER BBS, and TaiSha BBS (all very famous study aboard sites in China). Although the PDF version was much bigger than PDB( more than 35MB), thousands of copies were downloaded that day.

+The Huge User

Since the first PDB version of WebGRE published, the two version of WebGRE accepted more than 100,000 download request. Than means more than 100,000 copies have been downloaded (Data according server's analysis by analog 6.0).

+What the Readers said

1. 看了一下,感觉很不错,以后可以省很多力气,楼主英明啊!如果发现错误 ,会及时发给楼主,让更多的GTER从中受益!

    Have taken a look, felt good. We can save a lot time, how  brilliant you are! If I found any errors, I will send you messages immediately, hoping more students who take GRE or TOEFL test will be benefit from it! -- wy-christina @taisha

2. 谢谢楼主的分享 希望各位版友积极参与!

    Thanks for sharing, and hope every friends participate in that wiki! -- lincoln_8513 @ taisha

3.这个浩大的工程完成不容易啊,坚决要代表广大太傻er感谢一下!同时也希望大家不断提出修改意见,使这个词库更加完美。seaxp @taisha

4. 支持楼主,也强烈呼吁每人拿出来5分钟把这个修订一下~~~~    

    Support you, and appeal, strongly, everybody spend 5 minute to improve articles on that wiki. -- approach (moderator of GTER)

5. 大家多支持一下这个project,为将来的寄友们造福。

   Everybody should support this project, to bring more convenience to later students. -- redhobor  (moderator of GTER)

To find more you can visit:

GTER and GTER2 Taisha




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