Electrical Technology Main Page

I first started up a DOS computer and drew some pictures with little "program" by controlling a black-and-white turtle in LOGO when I was eight, and since that time, I have been fascinated about computers.

Above: A Picture of LOGO (from internet)

I wrote my first serious program in Visual Basic 6 when I was 13. That was a "sort-number" program, using the bubble sort algorithm, and first sold my  software "IE SWAT (IE 特警)" on softreg.com.cn. Henceforth, I self-trained C/C++, ASP, and PHP and wrote/improved a lot of programs.

Above: Screenshot of IE SWAT

In the mean time, I was also interested in website, and I found "Computer Virus Information Site"(kv365.com) in 2001. It became a very famous website in China during 2001 to 2003. Now, I manage another site based on mediawiki software: "I don't like test" kaoshi.wobuxihuan.org .

I first used a microcontroller in 2003, it was a Winbond W78E58B 8051 microcontroller. I felt extremly excited when I used "program" to light LEDs. From that time on, I start to use various types of microcontrollers to realize my ideas and eliminate the gap between the electrical virtual world and the physical real world.