Written by Liang Chen   

Ideas like meteorites can be quite short lived, if you don’t catch them, you will lose them.  But when the evanescence is turned into something permanent, you will feel the wind blowing past your ears, turn your head and see the word “Hello”, floating transparently in the air, emitting dazzling rays of red within a mysterious blue halo. You doubt  that the light could be an earthly creation, but it is.  It’s my electrical project, Propeller Display.

 1. Floating Lantern , I plan to add magnets to lanterns and float the lantern.  Then I plan to use the compelling force between magnets when they face each other with different pole.

2. Three Dimensional LED Display : Inspired by the Propeller Display project, I use the same rationale to create a device, which can display 3D images in the air. In Propeller Display, LEDs only spin at one direction – horizontal, but in this design, LEDs will rotate both horizontally and vertically, so, the LED will cover all the space of a sphere. (Patent-pending)

 Actually, Ideas like meteorites. :)